4Ever Young! 4Ever Fun!

May 10, 2015  •  1 Comment

Nothing says fun like four 4-year-olds dressing up, being silly and looking gorgeous! These four beauties exceeded my expectations last weekend. I have been looking forward to this project for a while now, and am excited to use it to help get my blog started! With the help of two Etsy shops, Feather River Boutique and Piper Collins Designs, my visions were accomplished!

The differences in each of these girls is clear when you meet them. However, there are a few awesome qualities that most 4-year-old girls have in common: silliness, silliness and more silliness. The laughter, lightheartedness, and fascination they have for each other was very fun to watch. Makes me want to be four again!

4 and Fabulous! 4 and Free Spirited! 4 and Flawless! 4 and Fierce!

These cute tank tops are from Piper Collins Designs.

The silliness...

And cuteness.

And my second vision was this.

I was so inspired by the beauty in each of these 4-year-olds.

Flower halos made by Feather River Boutique.

The laughter.

Fascination for one another.



Alana (whose parents are photographers...no pressure!)

And my own baby Harper.

It was a fun night with four, fabulous 4-year-olds!



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