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November 06, 2016  •  2 Comments

My calling as a photographer began long, long ago before I even knew it.

I have the prettiest little cousins and loved photographing them throughout their childhoods.  One day I took a cheap old camera and took some black and white shots of my baby cousin, Maddie at age 3.

I remember being so amazed at her beauty! Those eyes!!


So I must admit that I got pretty excited planning for her senior photoshoot which we decided to do at the prettiest place around, the Bartlett Arboretum in Belle Plaine, KS.  

The Arb, but mostly Maddie, did not disappoint.  Such a true beauty she is!




And then as we were driving home, we spotted an abandoned dirt road with the most perfect light imaginable!  We whipped the car around in a spontaneous moment and parked. 



For those who know Maddie, they are well aware of how talented she is as a dancer. Since childhood, her life has always been dance, dance, dance.  Therefore this next shot means everything to capture her doing what she's always loved in such a beautiful setting. Perfection.




Congratulations baby cousin ... The future is looking pretty bright for you!


Wow! I can't believe our little Mandy is grown up! What a striking beauty she is!
Kudos Jas, you captured her so well.
Cathy Sheets(non-registered)
Beauty IN Beauty!
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