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How to Talk To Your Daughter About Her Body

Eighteen Summers: It's All We Get

The Only Thing I Didn't Give My Kids Is the One Thing They Needed the Most


The three articles listed above are some of the most memorable lessons I have learned so far as a mother. They hit home.

I wish I had read the last two sooner.

I am your typical "stressed out", "stretch yourself too thin", "when am I ever going to get a break" mom.

The last night of first grade when putting my almost-7-year-old to bed, she asked if I was going to continue working this summer. The answer was yes. Her response was "yessssssss". Shocked, I asked why. She said because you're bossy and mean.

As if that weren't enough, I then went to lay in bed, defeated, the victim attitude, and read a mom blog called "The Only Thing I Didn't Give my Kids Is the One Thing They Needed Most". I bawled to my husband that night. Sad that my oldest daughter is to the point where she doesn't like hanging out with me. Sad that my 4-year-old baby won't let me kiss her chubby cheeks anymore.

What was the world coming to??? I thought I was having a midlife crisis. 

I vowed that night that I would try my best to be patient and sweet in my communications with my children, and enjoy every moment of motherhood, even in my times of utmost frustration.

That was a tall order and I've caught myself a few times going back to my old ways. But the point is that I see the difference in myself and I am able to control it better now.

And the difference in my oldest child is undeniable. You could see the happiness in her face when we were around each other come back immediately. Her mood completely reflected my own, which I've always known but never truly realized the impact.

She, my unaffectionate one, was affectionate.

One week into her 7th summer and we are feeling fulfilled.

My big girl Harper is turning 7 this summer. I remember being at an age when 7 seemed so old and cool.

She has all of a sudden reached an age when the influences of her peers is seeping into our doors. Therefore it is refreshing to still see her own sweet, funny, inquisitive personality emerge through it all.

The lessons we repeat over and over to her is that beauty is on the inside, never give up and be kind.

We also teach her to be thankful by doing "gratitudes" daily as a family.

My tiny little Lola Jo is 4, although 2 is stuck in my head for some reason.

It is so fun seeing her grow into her own person: the entertainer, the lover, the unbridled spirit.

She copies her sister's every move, she still adores her mommy and daddy, and she eats 24/7.

Her little lisp is irresistible to me, as are her chubby cheeks.

Thank you God for these two little lights.


Cathy Sheets(non-registered)
Enjoy every Beautiful minute.God Has given you Precious girls. Be your best self and Enjoy! Prayers and Blessings to your family.
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