Jasmin Rupp Photography | FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions
Newborn Shoots:
Q: When should I schedule my newborn shoot?
A: The best time is within the first 12 days of life so they are more likely to sleep throughout the shoot. Days 5-10 are ideal. 
Q: What day and time will my session be?
A: All of my sessions are on Wednesday afternoons or Fridays after 3:30. I am doing mini sessions now so the photoshoot shouldn't go longer than an hour and a half (two hours if the baby doesn't sleep well).
Q: Where do you do your newborn shoots? 
A: I have set up my studio in the basement of my house. There is quite a bit of equipment and props in my studio, therefore I prefer to do all of my newborn shoots there. 
Q: How should we prepare for our newborn shoot?
A: 1) Please let me know ahead of time what colors/style you like OR absolutely dislike so that I can set things up before you arrive. All of my backdrops and props are displayed in my Newborn Gallery on my website. Feel free to bring your own meaningful props as well and I will do my best to incorporate them if you let me know ahead of time what you are bringing.
2) Please try to keep baby awake (or at least not in a deep sleep) for about an hour before the photo shoot.  We need to save that sleepy time for our session. Letting them fall asleep in the car on the way to the session is perfectly fine and I will do my best to keep them asleep when we start. 
3) Please feed baby right before you leave for pictures, so they are nice and satisfied and ready to sleep. They need to arrive with a full belly so that we can get started right away. You may also give a bottle or breastfeed during our session if baby seems hungry still.
4) Nursing mothers, please try to avoid spicy foods or anything that could upset baby's stomach for 24 hours before our session.
5) Dress baby in loose clothes so that there aren't any lines on their skin. A simple zip up sleeper is best. Avoid outfits that require pulling over their heads to remove as undressing them might wake them up. It is also helpful to loosely attach the diaper for the ride to my studio.
6) Bring a pacifier please. Sometimes this can save an entire session if baby keeps waking.
7) The studio will be warm (~80F) so that baby can be comfortable when naked. I like to tell parents to dress in layers that can be easily removed if it gets too warm.
8) Please let me know ahead of time if baby has any medical issues that could affect my posing him/her. 
Q: Sleeping isn’t going to be a problem! My newborn sleeps 24/7 so why keep baby awake beforehand?
A: Mother’s are shocked a lot of the time when their baby is awake and alert during their photo shoot.  Newborns are not used to being posed.  Therefore I please ask that you try your best to follow all of the above tips.
Q: What else can we expect at our newborn session?
A: Please allow 1.5-2 hours for your newborn session. I will be in charge of the session and will have my hands on your baby most of the time. Posing newborns takes a lot of time and patience. If things don't go as planned, it is important that parents remain calm. It can be frustrating if your baby doesn't sleep right away, but if you don't have expectations and you remain calm, then it will be easier to soothe baby. I ask parents to be prepared to help assist me since baby's comfort and safety are most important throughout the shoot. Ideally, I have a certain flow that I do each session but there are always times when baby changes that plan. If a baby has a hard time getting into a certain position, then I'm not going to force it and will just move on to the next. 
Q: Do I need to bring anything to our newborn shoot?
A: Please bring a swaddling blanket, wipes, diapers, a pacifier and an extra bottle of milk if bottle feeding. If you have props, accessories or outfits that you want included in your baby’s shoot, then bring those items. Feel free to let me know ahead of time so that I can plan accordingly. I have plenty of backdrops and several boy and girl props and accessories so it is not necessary to bring anything. 
General Questions:
Q: When should I schedule a photoshoot for my kids with you?
A: Please contact me as soon as possible to schedule your shoot.  Sessions are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis. I am typically booked out about 4 -5 months ahead of time.  Since photography is a part time hobby for me, I only do 2 shoots a week. Also, keep in mind that half of my clientele are newborns. It is hard to tell when most will arrive, so I ask that other clients please know that I may need to ask for you to be flexible with your scheduled date. If a newborn around your time arrives early or late, then I may ask you to move a week earlier or later since I prefer to photograph newborns within the first ten days of being born. 
Q: Where do you typically do your shoots?
A: I have my studio set up in my basement. Behind my house is a scenic backdrop so we can do indoor and outdoor pictures if weather permits. If your baby is walking or older, then we can meet at other outdoor locations if weather permits. 
Q: Will you be using my (baby's) pictures in any way after our session?
A: I will always own the rights to the photos that I take and will use them for self-promotion purposes at my discretion. This includes posting pictures on Facebook or Instagram, with or without tagging parents; emailing vendors (the makers of my props) pictures of babies wearing/using their creations so that they may use it for advertising; or using them in my studio, portfolios or online galleries. Anytime I post a picture on Facebook or give a vendor a picture of mine, my logo will be written close to the child so that my name cannot be cropped out. On Facebook or Instagram, anyone is allowed to share my pictures or tag themselves or use it as a profile picture as long as my logo stays and the picture isn't altered in any way. There will be a consent form for parents to sign prior to our session. Please let me know if you do not wish to be tagged on social media sites.
Q: If I order prints from your website, who prints them?
A: The professional lab I use is MPix. You order from my website, they print and they mail products straight to you! 
**When purchasing prints, please double check how it will be cropped. A 4x6 is more rectangular in shape as compared to an 8x10 which is more squared so please be aware that some edges may be cut off depending on what size you order. I always crop mine to a 5x7 which is right in the middle of the others when it comes to proportions. You have the option of cropping it yourself as well during checkout.
There is also the option to put your pictures on items such as greeting cards, calendars, iPhone covers, ornaments, mugs and much more! 
Q: What are your fees?
A: All prices are listed on my website under the “Prices” tab.
Q: How do you accept payment for sitting fees?
A: Cash or checks are accepted at the time of service. I can also accept payment via Paypal.
Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: All I ask is that you give me 48 hrs notice so that I can find a replacement for your spot. Of course, I understand if your baby wakes up sick that day and you have to cancel. There is no fee either way.
Q: Will my album on your website be viewable by the public?
A: Yes, unless you tell me otherwise. If you request your album to not be made public, I can provide you a password that you can give to friends and family. Only they would be able to view your album.
Q: What do I need to bring to our smashcake shoot?
A: You will need to provide a smashcake and your child’s outfit.  I can custom make the backdrop/decor to match a theme or colors that you wish to incorporate in the shoot.  We can discuss all of this about a week before the scheduled session.  I also have cake stands on which to display the smashcake. When choosing a cake, I do ask that you not choose dark bold colors for the main icing color as my studio is carpeted and it can be a huge mess! If your child has a toy or stuffed animal that regularly makes them laugh, then bring that. Also, bring other snacks just in case your child does not want to eat the cake itself.  (Yes I've seen that happen!) We can always hide snacks behind the cake so it looks like he/she is eating it! Please bring an entire pack of wipes ... preferably thick ones.
Please contact me with additional questions at jasminrupp@yahoo.com. Thank you!